5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Day in Family Court

Most of us become anxious when it’s time to appear in court, especially when it’s family court. Family court deals with issues that are close to the heart such as divorce, child custody, and juvenile delinquency issues. No matter how much you dislike the thought of using family court services seattle, make sure you’re prepared when that day arrives. Use the 5 tips below to ensure your day in court goes as smoothly as possible.

1.    Go to court prepared with the documents, evidence, and other items that you need to prove your case. Judges frown upon those who come to court without the items they need and otherwise unprepared. Make sure that an attorney is also there to keep things working in your favor on this day.

2.    Arrive at court early and simply wait around, talk to your lawyer, etc. before court starts. A late arrival will not look good on your case and will also increase the anxiousness about the case. Arrive early so you can relax and unwind before the case starts.

3.    Be respectful to the judge, court officers, attorneys, and others who are in the courtroom. Even when something is said that doesn’t sit well with you or that you disagree, it is essential to remain respectful you’re not held in contempt of court.

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4.    Mediation is available for many different types of family law matters. Talk to your lawyer or the courts to determine if this option is available for your case and consider using if available.

5.    If you do not understand something, do not pretend that you do. Instead, ask the judge and/or your lawyer for clarification on the matter.

Keep the above tips in mind to ensure a smooth day in family court.